Marfa Ministry was named by the former pastor and members of the Saratov United Methodist Church. Marfa is Russian for Martha. ИСКУКНИА means 'women who create art.'

Marfa Ministry is a nonprofit corporation and is not organized for the personal gain of any person. It was organized according to the laws for charitable purposes. Specifically it was designed to serve Christ by addressing the needs of small churches in Eurasia in their journey to become self-sufficient.

A journey toward self-sufficiency and beyond




  Марфа Искусница

      Marfa Ministry

Our mission:

Beyond the  road to self-sufficiency

Marfa Ministry, established April, 2012, is a nonprofit corporation that originally supported churches of the world that are struggling to be self-sufficient.  But now with self-sufficiency at hand for most of them the emphasis is on outreach. The ministry was founded by Janet Fisher, member of First United Methodist Church-Denton, TX.  Currently the ministry supports in part: The United Methodist Church in Saratov, RU; The United Methodist Church in Kharkiv, Ukraine; Svetlaya United Methodist Church, Khabarovsk, RU, the Moscow Theological Seminary of the Methodist Church, and Rainbow Ministry in Moscow, RU. The United Methodist Church of Samara, RU, Janet and her husband have traveled  to Eurasia annually since 2002.  They have witnessed the impact when self-sufficiency is reached and the emphasis changes to outreach for the good of all.





The purchase of artwork and handmade products created by  members of Methodist Churches in Eurasia have moved the congregations beyond just self-sufficiency to outreach.


You can help these Methodist Churches grow by going on mission trips, donating money or buying products that are  made by these talented Methodists.


To do great work, you need talent and perseverance. Our artist partners  are all associated with a Methodist Church in the Eurasian Conference, as pastors, pastors' wives, or lay members.


Maintaining healthy, happy environments is an important, and often neglected part of mission work. We work closely with our partners on a personal level to nourish relationships.

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2206 Picadilly Lane

Denton, TX 76209

(940)565-1576  (940)367-3273

Board members: Dennis Fisher, Greg Ankeney, Robbie Torrey

Janet Fisher, Director, LaVonne Ankeney, June Berry, Tracey Croissant

Not pictured are newly added members:  Paula Scott, Karen Stiles and Shari Cobb.